Client Onboarding Process

Selling excess inventory is not simply transactional; it involves transforming inventory management into a strategic process.

By aligning the management of excess inventory with your sales strategy, your buyers and discount channels are part of a cohesive sales plan. This distinction lies in the implementation of a well-aligned process that complements your strategy versus a chaotic rush to offload products hastily.

We gain a deeper understanding of your company, your products, the markets you operate in, and your market positioning. We engage in conversations regarding pricing strategies, identifying the appropriate buyers to target or avoid, and determining the marketing for our outreach initiatives. We also explore the strategies you typically employ for managing excess inventory.

We delve into the details regarding the excess inventory for which you are seeking alternative distribution. We aim to understand the factors that led to the surplus inventory, such as canceled orders or low demand. Additionally,  the available quantities, minimum order requirements, and the strategies employed thus far for these specific items, including any parties who have passed on them. Additionally, we’ll address any restrictions or limitations associated with this inventory.

This infographic presents an outline of our process, which will guide you through the steps we take to ensure a smooth and efficient experience for your organization. Our aim is to establish alignment in goals, facilitate effective communication, and deliver optimal results.

overstock trader process

Remember, this is a general framework, and the specific steps may vary depending on strategy, project scope, and organizational requirements. We adapt this process to your unique needs and will help you find reliable and suitable vendors for your business.